Diesel and 4×4 Service.


‘Common Rail ‘ electronically controlled diesel engines are complex, requiring technical understanding, and appropriate diagnostic equipment. Fully tooled and conversant we provide an efficient & economical service for  these vehicles”. If you wish to request diesel or 4×4 service for your vehicle please click here to make a booking.

Diesel & 4×4 Service - includes:

  • Refer to service booklet interval itinerary if required.
  • Assess service history and make suitable recommendations.
  • Scan computers for error codes, if reqd. (additional charges apply)
  • Hoist vehicle, drain engine oil and renew oil filter.
  • Check fluid condition and top up gearbox, transaxle and differentials.
  • Insert grease to all lubrication points.
  • Carry out comprehensive 28 pt. safety and maintenance inspection.
  • Adjust brakes and report condition.
  • Adjust tyre pressures, rotate if required.
  • Refill engine with recommended grade of Penrite engine oil.
  • Vehicles with DPF filters will require low ash full synthetic oil.
  • Test coolant concentrate and pressure test cooling system.
  • Test brake fluid moisture content and top up.
  • Drain any fuel sediment and water trap fittings.
  • Remove fuel filter if required and replace, bleed system.
  • Collect fuel sample and asses for any contaminant.
  • Replace or clean out air cleaner element and dust traps.
  • Adjust fan belts if required.
  • Ensure under bonnet fluids are at correct levels.
  • Check and adjust operation of lights, wipers & washers.
  • Reset odometer service reminder.
  • Complimentary interior vacuum.
  • Road test vehicle.
  • Note all further recommendations and associated costs.

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