Used Car Warranty? No Thanks,

Used Car Warranty? No Thanks,

Buying a used vehicle?  you may have considered a Used Vehicle Warranty as ‘Piece of Mind’ BEWARE, its a costly purchase, look closely  at the fine print as its NOTHING like a manufacturers ‘New Car Warranty’

Firstly, the salesperson and the dealer will receive commission, no prizes for who pays that, so you want to get your moneys worth, right?

Recently our workshop experienced a scenario I felt compelled to share, our clients disappointing experience making a claim, on this occasion with Sentinel Used Car Warranty was disappointing.

A leaking radiator on the 2006 Volkswagon Golf would indeed qualify for claim, however, he was informed only a USED replacement radiator, value $132.00 and 2 hours labour at $88.00 per hour would be payable, total claim payable, $308.00, this client was out of pocket for over $300.00.

One look at this picture and you understand 2 hours labour


is massively insufficient to cover repair times, more importantly why would anyone fit a used radiator, its just bad practice, likely to cause further problems,

Most  warranties will cost around $1000, so maybe consider this as another option, spend $220.00 on a full Pre Purchase Inspection, whatever faults are found, seek a reduction from the purchase price to cover the cost, at that point you have a vehicle without faults, then use the $700.00 remaining to put towards any further costs, which may not ever occur.



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