Changing Engine Oil Regularly is Crucial, Why?

Changing Engine Oil Regularly is Crucial, Why?

Recently a client called to say the oil light had just illuminated on their Toyota Kluger, initially we thought the pressure switch may be faulty as the customer indicated the vehicle had a regular service history.

Having replaced the switch the light came back on, so with a pressure gauge it soon became clear there was no oil pressure.

We strongly suspected a blocked oil pick up filter, having seen the mess inside the rocker cover through the oil filler tube.  Once the sump had been removed, suspicions where confirmed as the image displays, the gauze filter completely blocked with solidified carbon, a result of  oil starvation.

This problem had been magnified by a few oil leaks resulting in less and less oil working harder and harder until oil solidification occurred .

Only by repetitive flushing and numerous oil and filter changes did we manage to restore oil supply to the engine. This engine has been damaged beyond repair and its future is not too positive, i strongly suspect a $5000 replacement is around the corner, so $100 for an oil change doesn’t seem such a costly purchase any more, does it?



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