Get Smart,  Follow Mark’s ’5′ Simple Tips Before Buying Your New ‘Used’ Vehicle.

(it is so important you do not just rush into a purchase.)

 1. Set a Clear Budget

Work out a clear budget before you embark on your search. Take into consideration, if will you require finance and if so, set affordable repayments, shop around for the best interest rate. Remember to also allow for vehicle stamp duty, in NSW, 3% of the purchase price up to $45000, then get quotes for insurance & registration. Compare vehicle running and servicing costs, these vary enormously between different models.

2. Deciding What Vehicle to Buy .

We are often asked which vehicle to buy?  Unfortunately is it not that simple, as everyone has different requirements, narrow your search, consider your needs carefully and stick to the budget. Decide on type of vehicle, i.e. cheap commuter, family mover, recreational vehicle etc, seating configuration, storage requirements, fuel type, 2, 4 or All Wheel Drive. Read brochures and reviews, talk to people, check prices and study comparisons. Once you have a shortlist of vehicles matching your needs, let us save you $$$ by simply steering you away from the makes and models that cost more to maintain and lose significantly more in depreciation. If finances afford, vehicles around 2 years old are often a smart option, as this gives you manufacturers warranty remaining without the new car price tag.

3. Now Lets Find It.

Check sites like and for price comparisons, remember, if it looks too good and $1000’s cheaper than others similar, it generally is, we have seen some unfortunate cases over the years, so take our advice, generally its safer to buy locally, there are thousands of good used cars on the Northern Beaches. Attend and take a test drive at the dealerships, use this to be sure it fits your needs and you feel comfortable driving it, then you can get serious with confidence. In addition, keep an eye out where cars line up for a new owner around your locality, for us, this would be Newport Hill where as many as 30 or so cars line up on a weekend, most with local owners and a genuine reason for sale.

4. Think You have Found The Right One,   STOP.

When you think you have found the perfect vehicle, don’t fall into the trap of making an offer, we suggest advising the vendor that the sale is subject to a mechanical vehicle check. This is in your interest for numerous reasons, the obvious being to make sure your chosen one is safe and in good mechanical condition, however nearly all vehicles require some repairs, and the information we provide you with, becomes and great bargaining tool in seeking reduction from the asking price. We carry out affordable vehicle inspections regularly with full written report, contact us,

5. Make Your Offer.

Before handing over any monies the final thing to do before purchasing a vehicle is to check the history with the RTA to check for accident damage and ensure the vehicle is or has not listed as a statutory right off. Check and ensure ownership and vehicle details match given paperwork, and that any monies owing on the vehicle are settled prior to change of ownership, make your offer and good luck!

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