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Filled the car with the incorrect fuel?

Don’t worry, its a common mistake, either diesel in a petrol powered vehicle or vice versa which can be even worse, especially in later model electronically controlled common rail diesel fuel injection systems.

Initially however the result is the same, your loved form of transport pulls to a halt, you are immediately inconvenienced and will definitely be out of pocket, so what do you do next?

Be Cautious, the dealer will likely quote you thousands’s to replace your entire fuel system, don’t despair,  we have had much success restoring common rail diesel fuel systems. For example; A client and owner of a Land Rover Discovery 4 Tdi still covered by manufacturers warranty called for assistance and advice after mistakenly filling with petrol and driving until the vehicle came to a stop. He was initially concerned about affecting the statutory warranty so we suggested calling the local Land Rover dealer who offered only one resolution; replacing the entire system at a cost of $16,000.00. Given this huge costing we offered another solution. Remove all fuel system component and piece by piece thoroughly clean the entire common rail fuel system and reassemble with new fuel and filters along with any other parts of concern. This vehicle’s engine is now fully functional with no apparent damage at a cost saving of around 80% of the dealer quotation.

For your information there are no guarantees with this type of repair, however in our experience, we  have proven the likelihood of success is high, and with such huge savings to be had, we think its worthwhile effort.

Should you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance and wish to get advice, give us  a call or Click Here

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