The Subaru Outback has a design problem every repairer and owner should be aware of.

Should both brake light globes fail, you will experience an unmistakable lack of power or engine lights illuminate on the dashboard.

As a workshop proprietor, I was a little frustrated to say the least, as our newly purchased and just out of warranty MY05 Outback EJ25, began suffering from a serious lack of power.

Initially we scanned the PCM but had no trouble codes, so I pulled the front exhaust apart thinking it had a blocked Catalytic Convertor or similar, but it was clear and in perfect working order.

I was horrified 4 hours of head scratching later to find 2 brake lights out had put the engine compter into limp, basically giving no power, fit 2 new globes and its back to normal, what a design flaw, not even a warning light.

However 3 years on and not forgetting the experience, H6 engine Outback, same vintage comes to us with ABS lights on, scan reveals limited info and only 1 engine code, then noticing again brake lights not operating, guess what, 2 globes and back to new, BEWARE.

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