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Q. How often should I service my car?

A. Most manufacturers recommend services at 6 month or 5 to 10,000 km intervals, check your service booklet for more details.

Q, If I book in my car for a service and you find other repairs required, will you contact me first before carrying out any further work?

A. Marks Auto Care Pty Ltd. NEVER carry out any additional work without prior consultation, meaning you will pick up your car, fully aware off work carried out and all costs.

Q. If you service my car whilst covered by a Manufacturers Warranty, will it effect that warranty?

A. Absolutely not, We service all new vehicles under warranty with manufactures approval, because we are liceneced mechanics, always use top quality parts and follow manufacturers recommendations at all times.

Q. I have had a quote for work to be done by the Dealership, would you be willing to see if  you can save me any money.

A. We love to do this, give us just about any written quote from any dealership and we will almost certainly save you 30% or more, try us.

Q. Do you do Pink Slips on line ?

A. Yes we carry out ‘E’ slips which are the Electronic equivalent. Then you can either register your vehicle at the registry office, by phone or internet.

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