Common questions asked of our Mona Vale mechanics

What is the best diesel power chip module?

We strongly favor Steinbauer Power Modules for a number of reasons, its all plug and play, all the works been done, no damage to the vehicles wiring or body, no drilling, no cutting, factory matching connectors meaning easy installation and removal, secondly we like ‘injection pulse width manipulation’ rather than just increasing fuel pressure, it’s the right way and clean, whist also employing their safety cut back feature built into the ECU, that’s why we chose to be an authorized agent and approved installer of the Steinbauer Power Module, Click HERE to make enquiry.

What used car should I buy?

Probably our most asked question ever, we all have varied requirements, generally we encourage our clients to make a list of their needs, use a platform like , simply choose and compare makes, models, years, kilometers, price and many other filters, this a recent example using those tools….

My sons tutor was desperately trying to find a Hyundai i30, she was running out of time as her old Hyundai people mover no longer cost effective to repair, Northern Beaches dealer had a 2017 model, 60,000kms, $15000, sounded reasonable, however recognizing her increasing desperation it being the easy option, spent 5 minutes on the phone in front of the computer, found 2018 Hyundai i30, $13500 and only 18000kms, still covered by manufacturers warranty, what a RESULT, try it.

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How do I check when my NSW car registration is due?

Just click this link to …


How much is a NSW rego check?

The current recommended cost of a NSW E. Safety Check or Pink Slip is $42.00 inc GST.

Please proceed to our rego check page for further details.

My NSW car has been unregistered for more than 3 months, what coloured slip do I need?

Should you fail to re register your vehicle within 3 months from the date of expiry, you will be required to obtain a ‘Blue Slip’ instead of a ‘Pink Slip’ prior to re registering.

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Why does my steering wheel shake when I brake?

The likely cause of ‘Steering Wheel Shake‘ under braking is misshaped front brake disc rotors, we easily resolve this problem by removing the rotor and machining on the brake lathe, often this problem is worsened when the brake pads are low.

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Why does my steering wheel shake at higher speeds?

Steering wheel shake travelling at speeds generally above 80kmsph is likely caused by the front wheels requiring re balancing, its relatively cheap and can be carried out at most tyre shops including Marks Auto Care.

What does this orange engine light mean on my dashboard?

Commonly referred to as the ‘check engine light’ illuminates when an engine management or emissions related fault has occurred, most reputable workshops have sufficient scan tools enabling vehicle diagnostic results (OBD2) that determined by way of a fault code the area in which the fault lies and then make recommendations.

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Why do my indicators flash faster on one side?

The likely cause is simply one or more of the light bulbs are inoperative, turn on the hazard lights and check all 4 corners of the vehicle for functioning, if one is not working, renew the bulb and recheck.

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How do I know when my tyres are worn out?

Tyres are manufactured with a wear limiter that protrudes between and from the bottom of the tyre treads, this is raised 1.5 mm from the base, when the tread wears down to these limiters on any part of the tyre contacting the road, it is deemed worn and requires replacement.

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How often should I service my car?

Most manufacturers recommend services at 6 month or 5 to 10,000 km intervals, check your service booklet for more details.

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If I book in my car for a service and you find other repairs required, will you contact me first before carrying out any further work?

Marks Auto Care Pty Ltd. NEVER carry out any additional work without prior consultation, meaning you will pick up your car, fully aware off work carried out and all costs.

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If you service my car whilst covered by a Manufacturers Warranty, will it effect that warranty?

Absolutely not, We service all new vehicles under warranty with manufactures approval, because we are liceneced mechanics, always use top quality parts and follow manufacturers recommendations at all times.

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I have had a quote for work to be done by the Dealership, would you be willing to see if you can save me any money?

We love to do this, give us just about any written quote from any dealership and we will almost certainly save you 30% or more, try us.

Do you do Pink Slips on line?

Yes we carry out ‘E’ slips which are the Electronic equivalent. Then you can either register your vehicle at the registry office, by phone or internet.

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