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‘Common Rail Diesel ‘(CRD) electronically controlled engines are complex, requiring technical understanding and appropriate diagnostic equipment. Fully tooled and conversant we provide an efficient & economical service for  these vehicles”. If you wish to request diesel vehicle service for your vehicle, click here to make a booking.


  • Refer to service booklet interval itinerary if required.
  • Assess service history and make suitable recommendations.
  • Scan computers for error codes, if reqd. (additional charges apply)
  • Hoist vehicle, drain engine oil and renew oil filter.
  • Check fluid condition and top up gearbox, transaxle and differentials.
  • Insert grease to all lubrication points.
  • Carry out comprehensive 28 pt. safety and maintenance inspection.
  • Adjust brakes and report condition.
  • Adjust tyre pressures, rotate if required.
  • Refill engine with recommended grade of Penrite engine oil.
  • Vehicles with DPF filters will require low ash full synthetic oil.
  • Test coolant concentrate and pressure test cooling system.
  • Test brake fluid moisture content and top up.
  • Drain any fuel sediment and water trap fittings.
  • Remove fuel filter if required and replace, bleed system.
  • Collect fuel sample and asses for any contaminant.
  • Replace or clean out air cleaner element and dust traps.
  • Adjust fan belts if required.
  • Ensure under bonnet fluids are at correct levels.
  • Check and adjust operation of lights, wipers & washers.
  • Reset odometer service reminder.
  • Complimentary interior vacuum.
  • Road test vehicle.
  • Note all further recommendations and associated costs.


Common Rail Diesel (CRD) engines are numerous in our everyday vehicles. Understanding this latest technology requires knowledge and experience, regular complaints, ‘Lack of Power’, ‘Emitting Smoke’ & Diesel Knock’ are common fixes, numerous causes requiring correct diagnosis, the key to saving you money, check what our clients say, click here  to see our reviews.


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